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Building a Playbook for Peak Performance


Kammok is a small team with a big ambition: to change the world through adventure. Assemble ran a custom workshop focused on increasing communication and teamwork to help them tackle the biggest season of revenue growth in the history of the company. 



How do we pull off twice the work—and continue massive revenue growth—without hiring more people? 


-What We Did-

Pre-Session Survey—Each team member answered a series of questions before the session, designed to flesh out their hopes, desires, and fears for the upcoming season. 

Storytelling—We asked each person, tell me about a moment when you think the Kammok team worked together unreasonably well? 

Building the Playbook —Then we asked, what do all of these stories have in common? We created a list of themes that each experience had. 

Connecting Principles to Practice —Together, we worked together to identify concrete rhythms and actions each team member could do to recreate the dynamics that lead to Kammok as a team doing their best work.  


-The Results-

By the end of the workshop, the team had shared vulnerably about their greatest moments as a team, their biggest areas of growth as individuals, and the concrete actions they would take to meet the challenges in front of them. 

-what the team says-

Haley Robison CEO

Haley Robison CEO

"Trevor and Reagan helped catalyze and improve our team's ability to communicate and empathize with one another. They created a safe environment to gather individual and team feedback, then helped us synthesize our own stories into actionable insights for how we do our best work. Their facilitation and leadership also allowed me to step back and engage on a new level with my team; my workshop experience has stuck with me as we tackle new challenges at Kammok. Assemble is remarkably gifted in their work - and I am confident your team can greatly benefit from an engagement with them."

Grace Mueller Marketing Associate

Grace Mueller Marketing Associate

"Our team was able to recognize the key components within one another that enable us as individuals to contribute to the goals of our team. I would highly recommend this workshop for any group of individuals interested in developing an awareness and understanding for team health and cohesive growth."