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Using Improv to Launch a Tiny House Revolution


Kasita designs and manufactures a smart, modern micro home designed to fit in the heart of the city or right in your backyard. Inc. Magazine named them one of the "25 Groundbreaking Companies to Watch in 2017".



What can we learn from improvisational theater to help us run better meetings and move faster than ever before?


-What We Did-

Pre-Session Survey—Each team member answered a series of questions before the session, designed to flesh out their hopes, desires, and fears for the upcoming season. 

The Improv for Business Toolkit—We introduced three new conversational structures built around fundamental improv principles: "build the plane as you fly it", "say, 'yes, and...'", and "decisions deliver".

Connecting Principles to Practice —Together, we used the three improv principles to make meaningful progress on the actual challenges facing the team.  


-The Results-

By the end of the workshop, each team member had practiced overcoming three common challenges: disagreements, ambiguity around the next step, and being stuck.  The new ways of approaching the work in these situations created new ways of doing work, which, overtime, become new ways of seeing and conceiving what is possible.

-what the team says-

Boris Pilev Head of People Strategy and Operations

Boris Pilev

Head of People Strategy and Operations

"Work with Assemble is real work, not fictional exercises. They guided us through improv games that immediately applied to the most pressing issues we need to tackle as a company. We left the session twice as energized - because we had fun and did work that directly impacted the rest of our retreat."